Kempe Melkvee

Automated Milking System

We use the the MIone 3 milk box system of GEA. The benefits of Mlone melboxsysteem are:

  • Milking with a low vacuum. By using the StimoPulse pulsator, the cow is optimal stimulated in her milk yield. Result is that the cow is milked quickly and well. This is good for her teat- and udder health
  • Because the MIone cleans and connects each teat in a seperate cup, no cross contamination can occur. The milk can be captured per quarter (in the event of contamination)
  • There is no preselection. Cows are free to walk and lay down. The cow is free to decide when she will be milked. This gives rest in the stable
  • This system gives an economic production of high quality milk
  • This results in considerable savings on labour of 2500 to 3000 hours per year
  • It gives the highest productivity per hour human labour
  • It is an optimized dairy farming management system
  • Mlone supports the family business as a business method
  • It is a scalable system. The system can be adapted to further development of the farm