Kempe Melkvee

Other innovations

Automated calf feeder
Our little calves are fed using a GEA automated calf feeder. After their colostrum period (about 10 days), the small calves get a necklace with a responder. This allows each individual calf to drink milk at the automated calf feeder. Each calf is fed according to an individually controlled growth curve. The milk is freshly created with exactly the right temperature and concentration. Per serving, 250 cc is created. An automated calf feeder has a positive effect on the growth of the calves. It reduces your workload.

Automated calf feeder

Automated feeding box
We have 2 GEA automated feeding boxes in the stable. Thanks to animal identification and the automated feeder, each cow can be
fed individually (a set amount of feed concentrate) depending on its yield and physical condition.
The cows do also get feed concentrates In the automated milking system. Here, two types of feed concentrate (standard and luxury) are supplied to the cows. This is depending on the milk production and lactation stage.

Energy saving
We try so save as much as possible on energy costs. First of all, we save on energy costs by using our own electricity, generated by the solar panels on the roof of the stable.
In addition, we use heat recovery from the milk. Our Tcool milk cooling unit has two ways of heat recovery. First of all, there is the industrial cooling of the milk towards 15 °C. This recovered energy is used for keeping the automated milking system on the right temperature. In addition there is the recovery of the heat released during the cooling of the milk. This heat is used by the GEA ExtraHeat system to save water in a water barrel with a temperature of 50 °C. This hot water is used for various purposes.

Management Information System
For the daily control and management, we use the Dairyplan information system of GEA. We use this system for the process control of the systems used on our company (milking system, feeding system). The system also measures the production data of the cows (milk yield, feed intake, frequency steps). Using this data, information can be obtained on the fertility, health, nutrition and milk yield of the individual cows. There are several possible reviews in charts or tabular form available.
Also the TCool tank installation is linked to Dairyplan. Temperature, time, and alarms are visible, as well as cooling and cleaning times.

The Daryplan system on our company is directly linked to the online management system VeeManager of the CRV. Advantage is that animal data need to be entered only once. With the help of Veemanager, several data like milk production data, sire data, health data and other data can be combined. I&R this link also promoted a flawless control.