Kempe Melkvee

Our farm

We have a dairy farm with 125 cows and 28 hectares of pasture. In addition, we annually buy 20 hectares of maize. The cattle is held in a new 0 + 6 + 0 cubicles stable (2014) with room for 160 milch cows and young stock. Our farm is still in a starting-up phase. Our average production yield per cow in the past year was:

number of cows average age kg milk % fat % protein kg fat kg protein
145 4.04 9283 4.23 3.56 393 330

We supply our milk to Noorderlandmelk. This is an independent cooperative of dairy farmers that offers milk of high quality to the milk processing industry.

kempeuitdeluchtMap stable

Business goals
Our farm goals are:

  1. Managing a modern and innovative family farm without labor of extra staff. The focus is on working convenience and innovation.
  2. Running a dairy farm for which animal welfare and animal sustainability are the core values.
  3. Producing milk with high quality at the lowest possible cost.


Our farm is highly automated:

  • We use the MIone 3 milk box system of GEA
  • The cows are fed with the GEA Mullerup automatic feeding system
  • The milk is cooled in a 15000 litres TCool GEA milk cooling tank. This milk cooling tank is equipped with a heat recovery system
  • The stable features a HCI Welfare floor W5 in combination with a GEA manure scraper
  • After their colostrum period, our calves get milk through an automated calf feeder
  • The roof is equipped with solar panels
  • To keep grip on all data and information, we use the GEA Dairyplan information system. This system is directly linked to the online management system VeeManager of the CRV.



You can read more information about these innovations in the submenu “Automation” on this site.

Sustainable Animal Husbandry
Our stable possesses the certificate for sustainable animal husbandry. A certified sustainable animal husbandry-stable is a stable with a reduced environmental impact, with measures on animal health and welfare and thereby contributing to the sustainability of the stock. This stable meets strict sustainability requirements on the themes:

  • Ammonia emission
  • Company & environment
  • Fire safety
  • Animal health
  • Animal welfare
  • Energy
  • Fine dust