Kempe Melkvee

Who are we?

Kempe Melkvee is a family farm, this means that no additional employees are needed to run the farm. The farm is a partnership of Jan Kempe and his wife Janneke Kempe-Lohuis.

Jan is the full-time entrepreneur behind Kempe Melkvee. He and his wife Janneke took over the farm from his parents back in 1995.
In 2013 they moved to the current location at the Goorseweg.

Compared to the previous stable the physical labor has been greatly diminished. This is the result of the automation.
This allows Jan to focus more on managing his farm. In addition, Jan is also active in cattlebreeding and giving information to fellow entrepreneurs about innovations on his farm.

Janneke is also working at the farm. In addition she runs the family and she also works for 50% in home care.

The three children (20 years, 16 years and 12 years) go to school. The oldest daughter Danel is a student Livestock Management at the Aeres  University of Applied Sciences.